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HBC - who we are and what we do

HBC – who we are!

The HBC Hanseatic railway Contor GmbH (short: HBC) was founded in early October 2014 as neutral railway company (RC) for the purposes of shunting services in the port of Hamburg. Shareholders are the Hamburger zigsXpress GmbH in Putlitz, Brandenburg, German railway service AG (DESAG).

January 1st 2015 the HBC resumed all shunting activities and the staff of the Anhaltinisch-Brandenburgische Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH (short: ABEG).
The ABEG is by 100% the property of the DESAG mother ENON GmbH & Co. KG that is owned by Thomas Becken and Mathias Tenisson.

The zigsXpress is a joint venture of IGS Intermodal Container Logistics GmbH and Konrad Zippel Spediteur GmbH & Co. KG. Since April, 2011, HBC operates a railway network in the maritime hinterlandverkehr for sea containers. Connecting the German ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven with Aschaffenburg, Kornwestheim, Munich, Nuremberg and Regensburg, as well as Berlin and Buna. With a capacity of 250,000 TEU p.a. the trains are operated by the SBB Deutsche Cargo GmbH, Duisburg, as well as the Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam GmbH (EGP), which also part of the ENON group.

HBC – what we do!

In addition to the shunting activities for the network of our partner zigsXpress, HBC provides also shunting services for third party clients. Shunting services are provided in the entire port of Hamburg on the infrastructure of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA).

Railway route services, both with diesel and electric locomotives can be provided through partner companies. In addition HBC can handle any kind of documentation of harbour railway data.